Transform School in December with a Christmas Unit Study

Instead of typical homeschool days, we love to make December special, celebrating Christmas all month long! We step out of the routine and enjoy a Christmas unit study. Taking a break from everything except math from the normal grind lets everything seem fresh and new come January. Sometimes we choose a book and other times … Read more

Should You Homeschool Through The Holidays or Not?

Should you homeschool through the holidays or not?  This is a question that I hear comes up a lot amongst homeschooling moms. Holidays are a time of relaxation and preparation for family and friends.  That doesn’t mean you can’t get some school time in during those times.   The public and private school children are … Read more

Homeschooling Through the Holidays/Year-Round Homeschooling

Homeschooling schedules are often the topic of conversation at homeschool gatherings.  Part of the conversations centre around homeschooling through and around the holidays. I’ve come to realise that the answer of whether or not to home educate and how to educate through the holidays is as varied as the families who home educate. Here on … Read more

National Holiday Resource Round Up

National Holidays are an excellent time to teach your children about the significance behind your country and the reason for the holiday.  Recently the Homeschool Crew reviewed White House Holiday Unit Studies and enjoyed discovering some of the history behind these holidays.  Today a few of the Crew would like to share a couple of … Read more

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