Apologia: Who Am I?

This article is in collaboration with Apologia Educational Ministries. When most homeschoolers hear the word “Apologia,” they immediately think “science.” However, a few years ago Apologia began offering much more to the homeschooling community. Not only do they have their traditional science materials, but they also offer homeschooling resources and curriculum for writing, geography and … Read more

ALEKS Reviews

This article is in collaboration with ALEKS. What is ALEKS? Assessment and LEarning in Knowledge Spaces is a Web-based, artificially intelligent assessment and learning system. (doesn’t that sound so very official?) ALEKS uses adaptive questioning  to quickly and accurately determine exactly what a student knows and doesn’t know in a course. (ALEKS asks a series … Read more

Deeper Roots Publications Reviews

This article is in collaboration with Deeper Roots Publications. Deeper Roots Publications has some great Bible study programs for Jr. High thru adulthood. There is curriculum for about every aspect of Christianity and I liken it to teaching the Fruits of the Spirit. Deeper Roots Publications offers teacher and student books, devotionals, DVDs, CDs, reading … Read more

Time 4 Learning Reviews

This article is in collaboration with Time 4 Learning. Crew members are thrilled to once again be reviewing Time4Learning, a comprehensive online learning program for students in PreK-8th grades. If you’re looking for a complete curriculum, a program to supplement what you’re using now, or even a program to use through the summer to help … Read more

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