Hewitt Homeschooling Reviews

This article is in collaboration with Hewitt Homeschooling. Hewitt Homeschooling was founded in 1963 by Carl Hewitt and Dr. Raymond Moore.  Their primary function has shifted from consultation with educational institutions and now focuses on a balanced, flexible approach to home education.  Their emphasis is on combining academics with character development, serving families with students … Read more

Beautiful Handwriting, Literature and Poetry Reviews

This article is in collaboration with Everyday Education, LLC. Teaching reading, writing, and literature doesn’t have to be complicated. Everyday Education, LLC offers tools to help you teach these subjects and more. Members of the Homeschool Review Crew got to review a few of their products aimed at making English and language arts a little … Read more

Literature Study Guides from Memoria Press Review

This article is in collaboration with Memoria Press. Memoria Press is a family-run publishing company who strives to make classical Christian education resources that are easy to use for home and private schools. Memoria Press was founded in 1998. It has been taught at Highlands Latin School where it has been successful in the field … Read more

Homeschooling with Five in a Row

One of the homeschooling essentials in our home school has been the Five in a Row products, from nearly the beginning of our journey. Five in a Row uses outstanding children’s literature, around which to build unit study activities. There are actually four levels of Five in a Row products, covering preschool through junior high: … Read more

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