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Hewitt Homeschooling
This article is in collaboration with Hewitt Homeschooling.

Hewitt Homeschooling was founded in 1963 by Carl Hewitt and Dr. Raymond Moore.  Their primary function has shifted from consultation with educational institutions and now focuses on a balanced, flexible approach to home education.  Their emphasis is on combining academics with character development, serving families with students from kindergarten through high school.

Their method is achieved through balancing character, academics, work and service by encouraging Home School and not School at Home.  They assist you to personalize your home education through services and products that develop a mind for lifelong learning. The Homeschool Review Crew have been blessed with Literature Series to review covering the following levels.

 Lightning Literature & Composition Grade 3 Pack w Book of Poetry  Lightning Literature & Composition Grade 2 Pack

Elementary – Student Guide and Teacher Guide only for the Elementary Lightning Lit.

  • Grade 1 Lightning Lit Set
  • Grade 2 Lightning Lit Set
  • Grade 3 Lightning Lit Set
  • My First Report

 Lightning Literature and Composition Pack Grade 7  Lightning Literature and Composition Pack Grade 8 with Stories and Poems

Junior High (Student Guide, Teacher Guide, Workbook, and Stories & Poems)

  • Gr 7 Lightning Lit Set
  • Gr 8 Lightning Lit Set

 Lightning Literature and Composition Pack British: Early to Mid 19th Century  Lightning Literature and Composition Pack British: Mid to Late 19th Century

High School  ( Student Guide & Teacher Guide)

  • American Early-Mid 19th Century Gr 9-10
  • American Mid-Late 19th Century Gr 9-12
  • Speech  Gr 9-12
  • British Early-Mid 19th Century Gr 10-12
  • British Mid-Late 19th Century Gr 10-12
  • British Medieval Gr 10-12
  • Shakespeare Comedies Gr 11-12
  • Shakespeare Tragedies Gr 11-12
  • British Christian Gr 11-12
  • American Christian Gr 11-12
  • World Lit 1 Gr 11-12
  • World Lit 2 Gr 11-12

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