Literature for Kids with a Christian Worldview

Literature for Children with a Christian World View

With the printing press came an explosion of ideas and books and many, many perspectives. With the advent of self publications, blogs and Kindle has meant that there is even more available to us today than ever before. Today a few of our members would like to share with you literature lists they use with a specific Christian worldview.

Meredith @ San Gabriel Farm shares Studying the Pilgrim’s Progress – Turn the Pilgrim’s Progress into the basis of an entire lesson on not only reading, but studying the Reformation and Renaissance, adding research papers on the various characters, all within the boundaries of this Christian-based book. It’s a great way to introduce literature to your family, no matter the ages of your children.

Kelly @ God’s Writer Girl’s Blog shares Literature for Children with a Christian Worldview – List of books that will engage children in reading and have them yearning to explore the world through books all while gaining a Christian worldview.

Kemi @ Homemaking Organized shares A Sweet Book List for Christian Pre-Teen Girls – A list of Biblical worldview books for young girls.

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