Interactive Math Lessons K – 5 grade Reviews

This article is in collaboration with I Know It. Learning math skills requires a solid foundation and lots and lots of practice. But, Math doesn’t have to be agonizing drudgery. There is a website that turns the learning process into online interactive skill learning with fun and interesting animations, so much so that your child … Read more

Online Reading Eggs Suite Reviews

This article is in collaboration with Reading Eggs. During the early elementary years, a homeschool parent’s focus is typically on the basics. You are helping your child to learn to read as well as helping them acquire basic math skills. These are formative lessons that when successfully learned will become the building blocks for future … Read more

Paddington Bear Reviews

This article is in collaboration with Branch Out World. Well, we may be nearly into the middle of August, but there is still time for one last trip before the new school year is underway. Best of all, you won’t need to pack a thing, because this is a digital vacation! All you need is … Read more

Love, Honor, and Virtue AND No Longer Little Reviews

This article is in collaboration with Great Waters Press and Raising Real Men. Parents of tweens know only too well that the most formidable years are right in front of them. Hormones, attitudes, changing voices, oh my! As much as you want to scream, yell, and throw away the key, how you handle this time … Read more

New Study Guides for Literature From a Christian Perspective Reviews

This article is in collaboration with Progeny Press. Why merely read a book when you can step inside the pages and become a part of the story, exploring the powerful messages between the lines along with more about the author and what went into making the story a piece of great literature with some great … Read more

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