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Whenever your child hits one of those challenging concepts and is ready to throw in the towel, that’s when you need a good motivator to help them master it. IXL Learning, the Homeschool Review Crew’s latest review, is a comprehensive K-12 Curriculum that not only provides a unique immersive learning experience but also boosts motivation through online awards, stickers and certificates for each subject. This added motivation is one of the things that keeps students engaged and seeing results! A variety of skills in Math, Language Arts, Science, Social Studies and Spanish are all available for mastery!

At its core, IXL is a technology company that has made innovative education a top priority and it shows. Every user is continually being evaluated as they answer questions that speak to a variety of learning styles, even down to the amount of time spent on a specific skill and then provided recommendations for further improvement. In need of ensuring your child’s education is in accordance with your state’s educational standards? They have the standards laid out and coordinated their skill questions to help you keep it straight. Does your child have skill levels in different grade levels? All grade levels are available to each user. These diagnostic tools can support parents in developing a tailored plan of action for the gaps in each student’s learning. The entire program is even available in Spanish!

IXL Learning has a reputation of producing results in all kinds of learners through this versatile program and you know the Crew is happy to put that to the test! With a variety of ages in the Crew families, there is sure to be a good picture of how successful the program is at any grade level. Check out the Crew reviews below for their opinions and recommendations about IXL Learning.

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