FlipStir Puzzles Review

The Schoolhouse Crew have spent a delightful (albeit challenging) few weeks trying to solve their current review product from Enlivenze LLC.

Shake. Stir. Solve. It’s that easy! Enlivenze LLC is the maker of the highly addictive FlipStir Puzzles. These award-winning puzzles are self-contained with 10 colorful pieces. Each puzzle comes in a clear plastic tube with a movable wand.

To solve the puzzle, simply use the wand, gravity, and your own creativity to line up the 10 pieces into the proper order in the tube to create the picture. Once you have completed the puzzle, just shake and start all over. There are no pieces to lose. This puzzle improves hand-eye coordination and is small enough to take it on the go.

Flip Stir Rainbow Rex Solar System and Statue

Members of the TOS Crew got an opportunity to review out the following FlipStir puzzle designs, which come in 2 levels of difficulty.

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FlipStir Puzzle:

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Facebook: www.facebook.com/enlivenze
Twitter: www.twitter.com/enlivenze

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Thank you to Renita @ Mom of Many for writing this introduction.

FlipStir Puzzle Reviews


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