Soundsory Reviews

This article is in collaboration with Sound for Life. Learning can be difficult and even more so for a child who has ADD or ADHD, Autism spectrum and developmental issues, sensory and auditory processing disorders, motor delays, or balance and coordination issues. The Homeschool Review Crew has been reviewing Soundsory from Sound for Life Ltd, … Read more

Typing Tournament & Maths Invaders Online Reviews

This article is in collaboration with EdAlive. Calling all families with students who love gaming! If you find yourself having to limit game time to fit in schoolwork, you might just be interested to know that there is a way to compromise and have the best of both worlds. EdAlive has two online programs to … Read more

Stop Motion Animation Kit Reviews

This article is in collaboration with Stopmotion Explosion. Have you or your children ever wondered how you can turn your current learning or the book you’re reading into a movie? Wonder no more. Stopmotion Explosion have the answer for you. The Crew have been having some creative fun with their updated Stop Motion Animation Kit. … Read more

Math-Whizz Reviews

This article is in collaboration with Whizz Education. Math can be a frustrating subject for many students. Unfortunately, if they fail to understand important skills early on, they struggle with other concepts that follow. This often leads to a vicious cycle of frustration, tears and a dislike of math for years to come. Whizz Education … Read more

St. Bartholomew’s Eve Reviews

This article is in collaboration with Heirloom Audio Productions. Heirloom Audio Productions have proved to be one of The Crew’s favorite vendors. They produce full audio theatrical presentations based on the literary adventures of G.A. Henty. They bring amazing and inspiring real-life history to right into our living rooms. For this review, the Crew received … Read more

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