St. Bartholomew’s Eve Reviews

This article is in collaboration with Heirloom Audio Productions. Heirloom Audio Productions have proved to be one of The Crew’s favorite vendors. They produce full audio theatrical presentations based on the literary adventures of G.A. Henty. They bring amazing and inspiring real-life history to right into our living rooms. For this review, the Crew received … Read more

Smart Kidz Radio Reviews

This article is in collaboration with Smart Kidz Radio. Smart Kidz Media has developed many award-winning educational products, including a vast library of digital media resources. Members of the Review Crew have been enjoying one of these educational offerings – Smart Kidz Radio. The Smart Kidz library helps to reinforce and support all academic subjects … Read more

Safe Email for Kids Reviews

This article is in collaboration with KidsEmail.Org. Technology is a huge part of today’s society and it’s a great way for kids to practice writing and to keep in touch with family and friends who live outside their homes. However, a common problem with email servers is Spam and inappropriate advertising that often ends up … Read more

Princess Cut Reviews

This article is in collaboration with Watchman Pictures. Princess Cut is an award winning film from Watchman Pictures about Grace, a lifelong Carolina farm girl. She is now in her early twenties, and has dreamed for as long as she can remember about that one “Mr. Right,” and a princess cut diamond engagement ring. After … Read more

Spelling, Music Appreciation & Latin Reviews

This article is in collaboration with Memoria Press. Memoria Press is a regular standard in the curriculum world for Classical Christian Education materials and as homeschooling families, many of us incorporate at least some elements of the Classical Education method. This review is a great opportunity to be introduced to several of their products. Spelling … Read more

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