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Smart Kidz Media has developed many award-winning educational products, including a vast library of digital media resources. Members of the Review Crew have been enjoying one of these educational offerings – Smart Kidz Radio.

The Smart Kidz library helps to reinforce and support all academic subjects found in today’s schools such as phonics, math, language arts, health, history and science.

By using visual and auditory instruction, Smart Kidz Media provides a safe, controlled, online learning environment using videos, songs, and games.

Smart Kidz Radio calls itself a edutainment radio station for kids providing a fun yet educational radio station designed to teach valuable life skills to children using songs. Accessed either with an internet browser or on the Smart Kidz Radio App (soon to be available for free download on either the Apple Store or the Google Play Store), children can listen to ad-free music as well as on-demand stories such as Cinderella and Ali Baba and the 40 Thieves.

All of the above is currently able to be accessed free of charge with a future On-Demand membership which will include over 1,000 original songs and stories that will available in the near future. On-Demand programming will include bedtime stories, Bible stories, classic fairy tales, holiday favorites and more.

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A big thank you to Brenda Prince at Counting Pinecones for writing this introductory article.

Smart Kidz Radio Homeschool Reviews

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