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This article is in collaboration with Northwest Treasures.

The world around us contains so many treasures to find and explore.  Collecting, exploring and sharing treasures is at the very heart of Northwest Treasures.  Over the last few weeks the Homeschool Review Crew have been working through their new online classes, available at Vimeo.

We all love dinosaurs, especially our children, but how do we teach about them from a biblical perspective? Northwest Treasures has come to the rescue with Dinosaurs and the Bible. This is a six-part video series which will address for you questions you may have regarding the evidence of dinosaur fossils that have been discovered all over the world, when they lived, how they went extinct, and how they are addressed in the Bible. You will also have access to worksheets and answers, along with a comprehensive exam and answers. This course is intended for grade 5 through adult.

Geology and Apologetics is a brand new video series which will help you become confident in defending your faith, with no apologies necessary for believing the Scriptures. This series will give you information on a variety of things such as the importance of knowing the Scriptures in the Secular Geological Age, how serious are the evolutionary gaps in the fossil record, and questions like,  are the genealogies and chronologies of Genesis accurate and reliable? And much more.

The Review Crew also viewed a short, educational video entitled Taking the Mystery out of Geology. This is a short, 20 minute video class designed to help you if you are looking to understand geology from a Biblical view. This class will teach you a number of terms to help in your understanding of what the science and philosophy of geology is. This class will aid you in sorting out issues raised because of evolutionary thinking, and give you a good, basic beginning to learning geology from a Biblical world view.

Thank you to Lori Moffit from My Journeys Through Life for writing this review introduction article.

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