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Learning can be difficult and even more so for a child who has ADD or ADHD, Autism spectrum and developmental issues, sensory and auditory processing disorders, motor delays, or balance and coordination issues. The Homeschool Review Crew has been reviewing Soundsory from Sound for Life Ltd, a program that can help students (and adults) with these challenges.

Soundsory is a multisensory program that is used for 30 minutes a day for 40 days. It is delivered through a special set of headphones that use bone-conduction through a transducer in the band of the headphones that sit on the top of the student’s skull. This is in addition to hearing the specially recorded music over the air through the headphones.

Best used when your child is calm and relaxed, this program works well with creative time. Perhaps during an afternoon sketching session or while they are building with their Lego or Mechano sets. Or maybe they prefer to take a walk outside or simply dance to the music. Whatever they choose it’s best if they don’t use a screen or chew while listening. Oh, and for those of us who are older, no drinking and listening, please.

Broken up into two parts, children will first listen to rhythmic music for 25 minutes followed by five minutes of music that is paired with special body movement exercises that are shown in videos on the Soundsory website. They are simple to do and the five minutes goes by quickly.

The Soundsory program is designed to build a good foundation and to encourage neuroplasticity, the ability of the brain to change itself and create new connections. It is also designed to stimulate the vestibular system which helps to better integrate body position, balance, and movement information with the brain.

Once you purchase the special Soundsory headphones (the program is built into them) everyone in your family can use the program whether it be children, teens, seniors, or you as a parent. In fact, the company encourages your use as they feel it can make your child more comfortable to see everyone can benefit from it.

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