Stop Motion Animation Kit Reviews

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Have you or your children ever wondered how you can turn your current learning or the book you’re reading into a movie? Wonder no more. Stopmotion Explosion have the answer for you. The Crew have been having some creative fun with their updated Stop Motion Animation Kit.

Stopmotion Explosion is a premier maker of materials to help the average person make quality stop-motion films using things that you have lying around the house.

The Stop Motion Animation Kit includes:

  • Includes 1080p HD video camera with an internal microphone. Full control of exposure, color, and white balance, 360º rotating head, manual focus, Full HD 1920 x 1080 image resolution, flex base, internal microphone, and many other features.
  • The camera cord length is 4-1/2 feet. Compatible with Skype, and other video chatting applications. USB 2.0 input.
  • Second edition 290+ page Stopmotion Explosion book. Take a look at the table of contents, and read the first chapter.
  • Animation software. No CD-ROM drive required, install via CD or download from our site. 
  • Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 & OS X 7.5+ compatible.
  • Stopmotion Explosion Animator – iOS app

Stop Motion Animation Kit is a comprehensive introduction to stop motion animation, and touches on many subjects relevant to the field of film making, including sound, script writing, music, camera composition and more!

Learn how to animate gigantic explosions, gunfire, laser blasters, light sabers and rocket-launch effects. Animate battle sequences with detailed breakdowns of roundhouse kicks, uppercuts, and punches.

Stop motion is a creative hands-on medium that can be a complement to many subjects. You can make a movie to showcase a scientific phenomenon, or recreate a historical event.

Stopmotion Explosion encourages users to take a topic they are studying, and think of how it could be presented in an animated film. The steps are broken down via an online video tutorial and the Quick Start Guide.

Some parental supervision will be required to set things up, particularly if users are on the younger side. For the most part, students are happy to click away at their animations, with occasional oversight. Older users (13-17) should be able to handle pretty much everything on their own.



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