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The Discovery Scope is an amazing science tool designed to help discover the intricacies of the natural world. In 2-5 minutes of instruction a whole new world will open up before your eyes. The Discovery Scope was designed by the late Jim Harvey, Sr. and his teaching partner Bruce Russell as an alternative to a traditional microscope. They wanted a way to view things in their natural environment.


Simple, easy to use and extremely durable, the Discovery Scope can be used by students as young as 6 up to adults.  It is practically indestructible. This is a great tool for teaching a single child or a group. Focus the specimen, then pass the Scope around for everyone to see. The Discovery Scope is compact and will never corrode. It is small enough to fit in a pocket and be used on any adventure.



  • Portable: View nature in its real environment with the ability to reintroduce the organism back to nature.
  • Unique holding system: Once the subject is in focus it is fixed in place until it or you move it. Special chambers and holders provide viewing for both terrestrial and aquatic organisms.
  • Great lighting: The optical pathway is a dark tube, capped with an eye cup. This eliminates all stray light.


Basic Kit: $40.00. Includes one Discovery Scope, one mini-clamp, one multi-use chamber holder, two 1”x3/4”clear view chambers, one water dropper.

Naturalist Kit: $55.00 Packaged in custom bag. Includes one scope, one mini-clamp, one multi-use chamber holder, two 1”x3/4” clear view chambers, and one water dropper.



A big thank you to Jill of ClarkClan Craziness for writing this introductory post.

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