Connecting With the Dots of Geography

Connecting with the Dots of Geography

   Geography can seem abstract and difficult for kids, but it’s an important subject to teach because of its relevance to history and science. How big was the Roman Empire at its peak? What factors played a role in the outcome of the Battle of Gettysburg? Why do southern Italy and northern China have such different landscapes and climates even though they are on the same latitude? A knowledge of geography can help to answer all of these questions. Geography also influences the development of cultures and folk arts. This can be pretty obvious when studying the literature or legends Continue reading

Strategically Preparing for Christmas 2015

Strategically Preparing for Christmas 2015

Strategically Overboard I love the holidays. Some people say that my love of them causes me to go way overboard. This is true. I do go overboard, and I love it. Having a mega family is always fun, but having a mega family during the holidays is just plain awesome. There are always tons of decorations, too much food, and way too many presents. My motto is, make memories because that’s what we carry with us throughout our lives. Because I enjoy going overboard during the holidays, I can’t wait until the holiday season to start shopping. I prepare all year Continue reading

Christmas Recipes Round-Up

Christmas Recipes

Some of our favorite memories of Christmas revolve around the foods that we’ve shared with friends and family.  Special tastes tantalize our taste buds and scrumptious smells tickle our noses.  The Schoolhouse Crew is no different. Certain foods just bring Christmas to life and we wanted to share some of our very best with you as you prepare your Christmas memories.  We’ve included recipes that form the basis of our family traditions — some that we enjoy around the kitchen table on Christmas Eve and Christmas Morning, some that we share at cookie swaps and get-togethers with friends, and some Continue reading

Fun Christmas Crafts


Each year, I find that sometime after Thanksgiving my homeschooling Mom brain turns off for a break, and I’m ready to spend the whole month of December doing Christmas crafts and Christmas related learning. The children are ready for more fun school then too, so each day in December I try to allow time for the children to make a Christmas craft or a new ornament for our tree. It just feels right add some Christmas fun into our regular routine. So, I wanted to take the time to share with you some of the fun ideas and crafts that we’ve done and that I’m planning Continue reading

A Collection of Christmas Stories (35 Christmas Picture Books)

35 Christmas Picture Books

In our family, holidays come with lots of traditions. One of our favorite traditions for the Christmas holiday is the special books that only come out at this special time of year. We don’t have a lot but I like to add to them each Christmas. I thought I would share with you the books that we love to read, and also the books that are on our wish list. Not all of our list are strictly Nativity books, but they are all fun stories that add to the merriment of our holiday.   B is for Bethlehem a Christmas Continue reading

20+ Christmas Resources for Your Homeschool

20+ Christmas Resources

Christmas brings warm fuzzy feelings to our hearts but it can be really chaotic too.  It is often hard to maintain our school schedules. Some of us choose to take the month off, others like to have a little light fun activity and still other homeschoolers like to continue their routines, which ever type of homeschooler you are there are many resources here for you to choose from. Last year my favorite study with the kids was on Reindeer. It was such a big hit that I have a feeling we will be doing more with it this year.  It Continue reading

Celebrate Advent


With Christmas quickly approaching, some people might find themselves caught up in the frantic nature of the holiday season and longing for a way to better prepare their hearts for the true wonder of Christmas ~ God’s gift to the world through the person of Jesus Christ. However, as Christians we have the choice to embrace the season of Advent which is a time of preparation and waiting which can make our hearts ready to fully embrace Christmas. Ways to Celebrate Advent ~ Advent Wreaths For those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, this is a time of increasing darkness Continue reading

Homeschooling with a Thankful Heart

Homeschooling with a Thankful Heart

Don’t worry, this is not another list of reasons of “why I’m thankful for homeschooling”.  We all have our personal reasons as to why we are thankful for homeschooling. Some of mine are probably different from yours and more than likely we even share a few of the same reasons. That’s one of the many beauties of homeschooling that’s wonderful to discover as I talk with fellow homeschooling families. Today I want to hopefully encourage you if you find yourself longing to be reminded of why you have chosen this journey for you and and your kids. There are many Continue reading

Thanksgiving Apple Turkeys!

Thanksgiving Apple Turkeys

Can you believe that the holidays are upon us already?  Where has time gone?  As hard as it is sometimes for our family to fit in “fun” into our busy homeschooling days, especially around the holiday season, we do try to make time for a few extra treats before Thanksgiving. For us, that includes making turkeys! Here is a simple project to get you started: apples fruit loops or similar cereal marshmallows- large and small cloves candy corn candy toothpicks Let the fun begin! And after a little creativity and lots of laughter we end up with this… Another easy Continue reading

Books for Children this Thanksgiving Season


  {This post contains affiliate links} Thanksgiving is my all-time favorite holiday. It’s not just the food or the cooler weather. It’s time with family and friends, making memories and filling the house with laughter. We have so much to be thankful for and books are a great way to remind children the meaning of Thanksgiving and start new traditions. I would like to share some of my favorite Thanksgiving books that I have discovered this year. Some are newer that I found at local bookstores and online and others are classics that I found at the library or my Continue reading