Winter Blues: Blog/Social Media Challenge

Welcome to week five of the January 2021 Challenge. This month we have looked at all things winter along with our Northern Hemisphere homeschooling families. For Week five we are looking at the Winter Blues ( winter doldrums, the blues, cabin fever) Dealing with gray skies, incescent rain, being confined by snow, ice and extream … Read more

Winter Crafts: Blog/Social Media Challenge

Winter can be a challenging time when we’re stuck in doors due to inclement weather. However there are multiple FREE options other than screen time as shared by Michele yesterday. On pinterest there are multiple crafts using egg boxes paper plates ice cream/ popsical sticks toilet rolls. Hand Crafts Indoor weather is a great time … Read more

Screen Free Options for Kids

Whether you’re trying to navigate fewer outside the home options because of COVID shutdowns, virtual schooling, or just the average rainy day, having a few screen-free options for kids can be very useful! We live in the technology age. Children have ready access to cell phones, tablets, computers, laptops, big-screen TVs, and video game consoles. … Read more

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