Reading Goals for the New Year: Blog/Social Media Challenge 2021

Welcome to the first week of our blogging/social media challenge for 2021. We are looking forward to a great year together.

How did your reading plans fair for the 2020 year? Did you write down a list of books you wished to read? Did you check them all off as completed? In 2018, I was ambitious and wrote down a list of books I wished to read that year. By the end of 2018, I had not read all of them so I decided to just stick to a number of books for 2019 and 2020. During 2019, I hit my goal but I did not come close during 2020. 

More Children’s Books 

One thing I enjoy reading during the year is children’s books. Whether I am reading favorites from my own childhood or new ones discovered on the bookshelves of stores or the library, it is fun to sit down and read each day with our children. Now that our children are reading independently (they are in kindergarten and second grade), I find we are reading less picture books together. Even though there has been a change in the books we are reading, we are still gathering together to read chapter books which has been quite fun. From reading the adventures of the Boxcar children and the Pevensie children to non-fiction books such as biographies of historical figures, we still enjoy our storytime. (Find lessons on The Chronicles of Narnia books here at

More Fiction for Me 

I enjoy reading fiction. My tastes in books, authors, and genres have adapted over the past several years as I have found many new authors through reviewing for several different Christian book companies. I started a couple of series while reviewing the first book that I would like to complete this year, so that is one of my big reading goals for the New Year. Do you prefer one genre to another when it comes to fiction? 

More Bible Reading 

For several years I have been reading the Bible spread out over the course of one year using different reading plans – both online and offline. This year I was blessed to review The Bible Recap which offers a reading plan that is chronological. I have been intrigued with reading through the Bible in a year with a chronological approach so I am looking forward to using this new book. 

How will you approach the New Year and Reading? 

There are many different ways to approach reading. We can make lists, stack books, and rearrange bookshelves. Perhaps you prefer to pick books at random or read the latest releases. Just as people may choose reading a print book over a digital book, there are so many ways to plan out reading goals for the New Year. I cannot wait to read your goals as you link up this week. 

Share your reading goals with us for 2021…

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