Ontario Homeschooling: An Interview with a Schoolhouse Ambassador

Ontario Homeschooling - An Interview with a Schoolhouse Ambassador

Over the past several weeks we have read about homeschooling in Jamaica, the Philippines, New Zealand, and several different provinces in Canada. Today let’s take a look at Ontario again as we interview Schoolhouse Ambassador Lena Emo who lives in this Canadian province. Q. Why did you decide to homeschool?A. I decided to homeschool when … Read more

Considering Homeschooling in Ontario?

Considering Homeschooling in Ontario?

Our Homeschooling Around the World series continues this week with Ontario, Canada!  Schoolhouse Ambassador Candace Moreau, from Ontario, Canada, has been married for twenty-five years and her family has utilized public school, homeschooling, and many things in between. She and her husband have four sons ages 22, 20, 16, and 12.  Like many homeschooling families, there were … Read more

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