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This article is in collaboration with Chara Games.

Does your family enjoy Family Game Night as much as mine? Or do you just love games in general? Family game night around here includes family, friends, food, and a lot of laughs and memory making fun. Chara Games offers wholesome Christian centered games that only add to that fun. Their games respect people from all walks of life, and faith backgrounds, and their mission is simple: To help strength the relationship between people and God, in a fun, joyful way. Never telling you how you should think or feel, Chara Games offers a fun experience through game play that explores Christian topics.

Recently, members of the Homeschool Review Crew were given the latest game created by Chara Games titled Unauthorized.

Following in the footsteps of the previous Chara Games, Commissioned and 3 Seeds, Unauthorized is a 30 minute, social deduction game that is designed for 6-12 players ranging in age from 12 years old through adult. The concept of the game is to grow, or stamp out, an underground church. Each player acts as a distinct character throughout game play in a role-playing sense to sway the cards of the other players to help their side win.

The game contains:

  • Rule Book
  • Role Cards
  • Dealer Reference Card
  • Player Reference Card
  • Experience Cards

You can view a full instructional video on YouTube for Unauthorized.

Players are dealt a character role card that give each player a unique way in which to influence game play through experience cards. Experience cards determine a players loyalty. The winning side is determined by this loyalty.

The Church wins if a majority of the group is loyal to the church, and at least one player is not imprisoned. The State side wins if at least one Church member is in prison, or if the state has the highest total of loyal players.


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If your family is looking for a new addition to your Family Game Night, take a look at Chara Games and their newest addition, Unauthorized, today.

Special thanks to Missica P. from Through the Open Window for writing this introductory article.


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