Looking after the Homeschool Mom

I’ve been home educating for many years now (almost two decades) and I’m feeling tired. On thinking about it I came to realize that I have not been practicing what I preach to my homeschool mama friends. Look after yourselves. This is a marathon not a sprint journey.  I first learned about the art of healthy balanced self care when reading A Charlotte Mason Companion by Karen Andreola.

Charlotte Mason advised the teacher to replenish her soul with a continual supply of ideas. …stimulates your educational thought in many directions and keeps you from drifting into mere routine… Do not think this is a selfish thing to do, because the advantage does not end with yourself.”.

There are so many benefits to Mother Culture and I’ve shared a few of them on my blog over the years.  Mother Culture enriches our lives and in turn the lives of our children and our husbands because we can not bless our families with what we ourselves do not have.

Having time on your own is incredibly important as it’s actually a time to reconnect, breathe deeply and turn your cares over to an every loving Heavenly Father.  Jesus modelled this often in scripture (Luke 5:16) and if it was important for him it is important for us too.

Learning to be true to yourself and your design is an important piece of the puzzle too.

Kym @ Homeschool Coffee Break Encourage One Another – An encouraging support group of homeschool moms might be as easy as inviting a few friends to join you for coffee and A Cup of Coffee and a Word of Advice – Be Yourself – There’s more to you than being “just” a homeschool mom! Be yourself, and don’t neglect your other relationships and interests, and most importantly remember Other Homeschool Moms – We Need Each Other! – Homeschool moms need the understanding and support of moms who are or who have been walking a very similar road. Get involved and share the experience with others!

For more encouragement from the Crew please read: Dear Homeschool Mom and Overcoming Burnout.

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