October Home School Round Up {Homeschool Collection}

As we prepare to enter the last two months of 2020 the Crew would like to invite you to join us! To find out more about becoming part of our dynamic team be sure to take a look here: Join the Homeschool review Crew for 2021! Welcome to the October Homeschool Collection! We’re so excited … Read more

September Home School Round Up

Welcome to the September edition of our Homeschool Review Crew Monthly Homeschool Collection. Our homeschool family bloggers have been reviewing and sharing tips with us. Down here in Australia we are entering spring and are surrounded with new life and I love hearing how the fall colors are beginning to show through in the Northern … Read more

June Home School Round Up

Wow we’re half way through the crazy year of 2020! Welcome to the June edition of the Homeschool Collection from the Crew. Today we have twelve homeschooling Mom’s looking forward to sharing their wisdom and insights with you. Grab a cup of your favourite beverage and enjoy a few moments with us. During the month … Read more

March Homeschool Collection

Welcome to our monthly round-up. Amid the Covid-19 closures, many friends and families are seeking information on how best to support their children’s education from home. Be sure to take a look at SchoolhouseTeachers.com for all your home school needs from Pre-K to Year 12, every student every subject. Today our team would love to … Read more

February Homeschool Collection

Welcome to the February Homeschool Collection. The new Crew year has begun and we have two great products for you to read about: Year 2 of Geography for Kids by Let’s Go Geography and The Unbreakable Faith Course by Pilgrim’s Rock. We have some wonderful guest posts from our Crew for you to look over … Read more

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