IEW’s Primary Arts of Language Reviews

This article is in collaboration with Institute for Excellence in Writing. Institute for Excellence in Writing (IEW) is a well-known and well-respected name in the world of homeschooling.  Though many naturally think of their resources for older students, IEW also offers Primary Arts of Language (PAL) for the youngest readers and writers in the family.  … Read more

Homeschooling High School – Handling the Hard Subjects {Spotlight on the Crew}

{This week’s Spotlight on the Crew article is brought to you from Sarah, at Ahoy Maties!} I really didn’t think of myself as a veteran homeschooler until very recently.  We have six children, all of whom homeschooled from 2004 until now.  Three of our six have graduated, and our fourth will graduate this year.  All of our … Read more

Blog Cruise: Budget-friendly Homeschooling

It’s usually about this time of year that we’re all starting to feel the budget crunch. We’ve purchased new curriculum, stocked up on school supplies, and renewed our magazine subscriptions, online memberships, and family zoo pass. It’s easy to look around and wonder if homeschooling has to cost so much? What happens if you don’t … Read more

Back to Homeschool Blog Hop — Homeschool Curriculum

Welcome to day 2 of our Back to Homeschool Blog Hop! Did you get a chance to hop around learning about Homeschool Methods yesterday? If not, then be sure to do that. What an incredible day of inspiration Monday was! Today, the Crew will take those Homeschool Methods and show you how they choose Homeschool Curriculum to … Read more

5 Days of Blogging — Back to Homeschool Blog Hop!

Join the Schoolhouse Review Crew for our 5 Days of Blogging — Back to Homeschool Blog Hop!  More than 70 members of the Crew will bring you their thoughts, ideas, recommendations, and tips for homeschooling. There may even be a few giveaways on Crew blogs! Each day during the week, there will be a Blog … Read more

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