Building Character

Years ago when I began home educating I was extremely worried about whether or not I could teach my children well academically. Little did I know that teaching the academics would become one of the easiest parts of home educating. Good wholesome character was by far the most difficult and time consuming activity of our … Read more

The Secret Bridge Reviews

This article is in collaboration with Lamplight Publishing. Lamplighter Publishing was started in 1994 by Mark Hamby who has a passion for great Christian literature.  Their goal is to provide great books that reflect the character of God and provide Scripture that can be memorized while also teaching great qualities and traits like perseverance, hope, … Read more

Boost Character and Social Skills with Music (Happy Kids Songs Review)

This article is in collaboration with Happy Kids Songs. What was the last song to get stuck in your head? Was it good or bad? It’s amazing how much of an effect music can have on us. Not only can the music itself influence us, but so can the lyrics. I monitor music carefully at … Read more

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