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Years ago when I began home educating I was extremely worried about whether or not I could teach my children well academically. Little did I know that teaching the academics would become one of the easiest parts of home educating. Good wholesome character was by far the most difficult and time consuming activity of our little homeschool. Training the mental and moral qualities during the daily grind of living could at times be rather challenging and at other times the thrill of seeing the children own behaviour and lead courageously made the struggle deeply rewarding.

A couple of our families would like to share some of their resources with you to help you on the journey of training character with your children.

Chareen @ Every Bed of Roses shares

  • Teaching Character Resource List – Over 40 books and online resources collated in one place for you!
  • Knights in Training – Read more about KNIGHTS IN TRAINING: Ten Principles for Raising Honorable, Courageous, and Compassionate Boys
  • Character in Action – Character in Action: taking the next steps is not just another character curriculum. This is a character book with a difference! The difference is that these are real people, living real every day ordinary lives just like us and who are able to put into action what they are learning and take us along for the journey all the while encouraging us to do the same.
  • Building Character with Children – Train new habits, dealing with sibling rivalry and more. 4 Stress-Free Strategies to Instantly Improve Your Kid’s Character and Attitude and Help You Raise Powerful and World Changing Children!

Jennifer @ A Peace of Mind shares

  • Little Lads & Ladies of Virtue – We can know so many amazing and wonderful things; we can be captivating and have a head full of facts…But what good is it if we are “spoiled fruit” walking about?
  • What We Choose – What about one of the most important things our children need? Character of course!
  • Distracted – Our children have so much potential! The things our children could do if we simply give them good food.
  • WHEN THEY DON’T WANT TO LEARN– How can new motivate and encourage them to seek after good things? Sowing seeds of thoughtfulness, curiosity, wisdom?

Here on our website:

What are your favorite building Character resources ?


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