Carole P. Roman books and collections Reviews

This is sponsored content. Books are a huge part of our homeschooling adventure.  They take us to places we many never physically travel to, they teach us, and they help us develop our imagination.  They introduce us to real life heroes, imaginary pirates and princesses, and other characters we can relate to.  These things are … Read more

À La Carte Projects Reviews

This is sponsored content. History can be a difficult subject to teach your children. It’s really easy to get bogged down in the places and names and dates. But when you do that, no one has any fun – not your children, and not you. Amy Pak of Home School in the Woods knows that, … Read more

Drive Thru History Adventures – Subscription Reviews

This is sponsored content. Members of the Homeschool Review Crew have been busy previewing a one year subscription to Drive Thru History Adventures. This online subscription site gives the user access to a full history curriculum. It’s not just any history curriculum. It’s what our tour guide, Dave Stotts, calls Adventure Learning. Not only can … Read more

Adventures of Rush Revere Book Series Reviews

This article is in collaboration with Adventures of Rush Revere Book Series. Radio host Rush Limbaugh has been educating and entertaining adults with his political commentary for years, and recently brought his passion for American history to a new endeavor – authoring a series of history books for young readers. Along with his wife Kathryn … Read more

Christian & History Heroes Reviews

 This article is in collaboration with YWAM Publishing. YWAM Publishing is committed to publishing books that encourage Christians to make a difference. When looking for encouraging biographies for our children to read YWAM Publishing has two series to choose from.  YWAM Publishing has blessed the crew with books from their Christian Heroes: Then and Now and … Read more

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