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Drive Thru History Adventures
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Members of the Homeschool Review Crew have been busy previewing a one year subscription to Drive Thru History Adventures.

This online subscription site gives the user access to a full history curriculum. It’s not just any history curriculum. It’s what our tour guide, Dave Stotts, calls Adventure Learning. Not only can you expect the visually engaging video series that Drive Thru History is known for, but the site is filled with everything any student needs for a complete learning experience.

Drive Thru History Adventures
The curriculum is intended for ages 12 and up, but younger children will be able to enjoy the videos, as well. Within each lesson, there are recommendations and resources available. For example, there are discussion questions, expert articles, additional reading, worksheets and plenty of opportunities for students and parents alike to take delightful “rabbit trails.”

Drive Thru History Adventures
Here are the courses you can expect to find on Drive Thru History Adventures.

Bible History Adventures – This 18 week course takes us through the Gospels and the life and times of Jesus Christ. Adventures will walk where Jesus walked and experience Ancient Israel in a whole new way.

Drive Thru History Adventures
American History Adventures – Students will spend 12 weeks immersed in early American history from Columbus to the Constitution. How did it all begin and what sacrifices were made for our religious freedoms?

Ancient History Adventures – Adventurers will explore early Greece, Rome and Asia Minor. This course lasts 12 weeks. How do these ancient empires fit in with the rise of Christianity and Western Civilization?

In addition to the full curriculum options, reviewers were also given the opportunity to check out the Adventures TV portion of our subscription. These are fun and historically informative “sit-downs” with Dave Stotts, himself. Dave not only touches on history, but talks about current events, provides Adventurers with weekly updates.

Drive Thru History Adventures

The Crew also got to take advantage of the wonderful online Community available to subscribers to Drive Thru History Adventures. Read the Reviews below!


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