We at the Homeschool Crew LOVE our repeat vendors!  Kinderbach is one of the vendors who has returned to work with us again for Year 2.  (If you would like to see what the Year 1 Crew had to say about Kinderbach, please click here.)

Kinderbach is an online music curriculum for preschoolers and early elementary-aged students (ages 2-7).


All you need to effectively use Kinderbach is your computer and an inexpensive keyboard or piano.  There is no musical background required to effectively teach this course.  And your child will learn to play real, familiar tunes!  This photo montage will show you a sampling of what you can expect from Kinderbach:
You might also want to view this video to learn more about Kinderbach at Home.

KinderBach teaches by video but does not let the children become mind-numbingly complacent. Each session gives an opportunity to participate in a variety of ways often with activity pages.  Games, puzzles, puppets and music are played through hands-on printed PDFs.   Learning is concrete and tactile.

Each member of the Year 2 Crew will be sharing their thoughts on Kinderbach here:

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14 thoughts on “Kinderbach”

  1. I do appreciate all that the reviewers have to say. The time and effort they put forth. Something I would like to read more is how their children liked it. Was it easy, hard, mom intensive etc. to use.

    Almost all the reviews have exactly the same information (which the KinderBach site has too).

    Hope I don't sound rude or negative. I thought the reviews would be more personal. How the family liked it, would rate it and so forth.



  2. Wish we could afford the DVD's – my little Maestro LOVED this last year when we had high speed internet, but we couldn't get it to work with our satellite internet this year. 🙁

    I highly recommend this if you have high speed internet!

    I shared my kid's opinions of this program last year as well as some pictures this year if you're still looking for family experiences.

    Edited by Ksudoc93 on Feb. 6, 2010 at 9:38 PM

  3. I would recommend this to younger age group (around 3-6 years old). My 7 year old did enjoy a lot of it, but thought some parts moved to slowly.

  4. With my three-year old, KinderBach was definitely a blessing to review!!! Not only did he learn some musical terms and playing songs, he also learned (through this program); colors, numbers, letters, counting, knowing from left to right hand! It reinforced outside learning in a fun and awesome manner!! And we definitely enjoyed the online KinderBach for lessons! Thank you so much! ;0)

    Jessica @A Mother of Action


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