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MIT graduates set out to create an online program that would provide adaptive math practice to students.  The result is MathScore, a mastery-based program that has been proven to raise test scores.

MathScore targets grades two through Algebra I, though it can be used by first graders, and certainly can provide drill to older students as well.  There are suggestions for topics by grade level, but you (or your student) can choose which topics to work on.

Looking at the Grade 3 topics, there are not only your standard math facts, but also topics such as weight conversion, unit cost, and quadrilateral types, for a total of 57 topics.  Grade 6 includes math facts, plus proportions, decimals to fractions, restaurant bills, congruent and similar triangles, batting averages… 86 topics in all.  High School includes a total of 69 topics covering basic math facts and algebra I topics such as absolute value, trinomial factoring, applied linear equations, and nonlinear functions.

MathScore’s pricing starts at $14.95/month for the first child and gets significantly cheaper beyond the first child.  With a 9-month commitment, the first child’s price can be locked in at $9.95/month.
A really nice aspect of the pricing is that you can freeze your account (over Christmas break, or while on vacation) and activate it again when you return, which means you aren’t paying for time that you are not using.

There is a free trial available, so you can test it out for yourself here.  Each member of the Crew will be trying and reviewing MathScore.  Be sure to check back and read what they have to say about it.

***Special Thanks to Crew Mate Debra for writing this post!***

18 thoughts on “MathScore / Accurate Learning”

  1. It is minimalist (which we didn't like) but that could be just right for a student distracted by flashy visuals or music.

    Tristan @ Our Busy Homeschool

  2. Don't judge this one by it's cover ~ you would miss a great online math practice program if you do. While it may be "no frills" MathScore takes the effort out of daily math practice.

  3. For us, the lack of flashy was great. Olivia is really easily distracted by all the "stuff" that is in other programs. This was a lot better for her learning style!

  4. While I agree this product could be "spiced up" a bit, I found it to be great as a math supplement for drills and to drive math concepts home.

  5. We had to use this for a few days before we really warmed up to it. My daughter started getting excited as she started earning trophies and seeing her times improve.

    I'm glad we kept at it, because it has become a favorite now, and it is high on the academics. It doesn't build on purposeless entertainment that some programs thrive on.


  6. A well-designed program, although I could not motivate my children to use it. We've tried too many other math products that they liked better lately.


  7. This is a really solid math program. It is not the fanciest, but the best of the three on-line programs I've reviewed this year.

  8. I felt this was a good math drill program. The only drawback is that students may find that approach to be too boring for them. If a student needs those bells and whistles like avatars and math games then this program might not be worth using for them. If they can get past that then it is a decent program. I guess it depends on the learning style of your child and preference.

  9. Give this one a try- they give you a free week! Once they got into it, two of my children really like it. It doesn't have the "play" of some programs, but it is helpful for us.


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