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In my work with The Old Schoolhouse Magazine over the past  several years, I’ve come in contact with various book publishers that I’ve come to know, trust, and love.  Kregel is one of those publishers.

Some of my very favorite books from Kregel include the Circle C Adventure Series by Susan Marlow (titles include Long Ride Home, The Dangerous Decision, The Family Secret, my personal favorite San Francisco Smugglers, and the soon to be released Trouble with Treasure) and The River Series by Stephanie Reed (titles include Across the Wide River and The Light Across the River).

Many of our Crew members have received a copy of Bertie’s War – a new title from Kregel. Barbara Tifft Blakey’s name is familiar in the homeschool arena, as she is also the author of the Total Language Plus series.

Everything has been going wrong for Bertie lately.

No matter how hard she tries to do and say the right thing, Bertie keeps tumbling into embarrassing–and sometimes dangerous–situations. Her stern father has too many rules, her know-it-all sister won’t stop teasing her, and her mischievous younger brother keeps getting into trouble. But what makes her really afraid are those Communist missiles pointed right at the U.S. As Bertie starts seventh grade in the fall of 1962, news of these missiles throws the nation into a panic and Bertie suddenly feels completely out of control. Can Bertie confront an ugly truth about herself and face her fears–once and for all?

Please take the time to visit Kregel’s website and check out all the great books they have available.  Then, check back to see what the Crew members have to say about Bertie’s War.

14 thoughts on “Kregel Publications – Bertie's War”

  1. I have never really read a historical fiction book set in this time period, which was a nice change, but it was not all I had hoped to find.

  2. I have never really read a historical fiction book set in this time period, which was a nice change, but it was not all I had hoped to find.

    Tristan @ Our Busy Homeschool

  3. My Daughter and I loved it – it was great for discussion both of a historical and spiritual nature – two thumbs up- one from my Daughter and one from me 🙂

  4. I enjoyed reading the book, learning about the Cuban Missile Crisis, and watching how Bertie learns to deal with her fears.

    Kimberly @

  5. Can't wait' til my oldest can enjoy this book – it is a good one, but she had a lot of questions in the beginning that made me decide to hold off letting her read it.

  6. Was pleasure to read a fictional work written in early 60s.

    Characters reflected well the emotional state of the time period.


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