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We are excited to welcome All About Spelling back for Year 2 with the Crew!  Throughout this review year, All About Spelling will be sharing various products with the Crew members for review.  (You can see last year’s homeschool curriculum reviews for All About Spelling here and here.)

I love the easy points shared on the All About Spelling website, explaining why this program works so well (for beginners and/or remedial spellers):

  1. It is MULTISENSORY (hands-on)
  2. It is LOGICAL (easy to understand)
  3. It contains NO GAPS (every rule and helpful spelling tip is included)
  4. It is MASTERY-BASED (don’t move on until the current concept is understood and “mastered”)
  5. It contains CONTINUAL REVIEW (so that previously learned concepts are not forgotten)
  6. It is CLEAR (direct)
  7. It contains SCRIPTED LESSON PLANS (making it simple to teach)

This year’s Crew members will be reviewing the Level 1 or Level 2 program (unless otherwise noted in the links).

Be sure to check back often, as this post will be updated with more products and MORE REVIEWS!

Crew Members: Please sign the Mr. Linky with the product/level being reviewed.  Thanks!

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  1. Love it! Wish I'd found it earlier. I will be recommending it for sure. It's great for finding where the "holes" in their learning are!


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