Classical Academic Press Reviews

This article is in collaboration with Classical Academic Press. When someone mentions the Classical Christian Education movement in homeschooling, what first springs to your mind? Often the sheer mention of classical education brings images of one room schoolhouses in which children chant and recite seemingly endless math and grammar facts, plus Latin conjugations and declensions. … Read more

Speekee Reviews

This article is in collaboration with Speekee. Teaching a foreign language can be one of those intimidating prospects for many homeschooling families.  How do you teach something you either don’t know, or that you barely remember? And then all those experts tell you that earlier is better and you should start them young.  So much … Read more

Classical Legacy Press

This article is in collaboration with Classical Legacy Press. Classical Legacy Press  was founded by Norman and Katharine Birkett to “further the revival of Christian classical education,” providing materials that can be successfully used by parents/teachers who did not receive a classical education themselves. Classical Legacy Press offers products for Latin and Logic, two of … Read more

Auralog – Tell Me More

I think many states require some sort of foreign language credits in order to graduate.  I have long been on the look-out for a foreign language program that would actually WORK – so many of them look good, but when you sit down to use them, they just aren’t a good fit.  So, I was … Read more

Bilingual Books – 10 Minutes A Day series

This article is in collaboration with Bilingual Books. Bilingual Books offers a wide variety of products for teaching language.  Some of their newest resources are Audio CD’s to go along with the 10 Minutes a Day series.  The Crew will be reviewing these products – workbook and audio cd combination.  Currently, these are available in … Read more

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