Bilingual Books – 10 Minutes A Day series

This article is in collaboration with Bilingual Books.
Bilingual Books offers a wide variety of products for teaching language.  Some of their newest resources are Audio CD’s to go along with the 10 Minutes a Day series.  The Crew will be reviewing these products – workbook and audio cd combination.  Currently, these are available in four language choices – Spanish, French, Italian, and German.

Though I do not see a suggested age range for these products, I can see them appealing to a wide variety of ages.  Though they would certainly be effective for older high school students and adults, they will also appeal to older elementary-aged students because of the colorful illustrations included in the workbook.  I can see either of my girls (ages 8 and 15) using this series with success.  Included in the workbook, you will find an interactive cd-rom, colorful flash cards, sticky labels (useful for labeling everyday items around the house, for total immersion), games & quizzes.  The audio cd come nicely packaged and contain 6 cd’s that correspond with the lessons in the workbook.

If you are looking for a way to easily and successfully teach (or learn) a language, Bilingual Books might be just the thing!  Check out their website

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  1. A great resource for learning a second spoken language in small increments. This program has a written text, 6 audio CD's, reproducible study aids on CD Rom and lots of encouragment sprinkled throughout.


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