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Teaching a foreign language can be one of those intimidating prospects for many homeschooling families.  How do you teach something you either don’t know, or that you barely remember?

And then all those experts tell you that earlier is better and you should start them young.  So much of what you find, though, requires that the teacher have a clue.

Well, if you are thinking about teaching Spanish, Speekee may be the answer for you.  Targeting the younger set, Speekee consists over over 150 minutes of video learning that is entirely in Spanish (English and Spanish subtitles are available).  Speekee uses native speakers of various (mostly youth) ages.


Speekee consists of ten episodes, which take place in a variety of real Spanish locations — a park, the zoo, a home, a restaurant, the beach, the market, etc.   Each episode also includes downloadable worksheets that can be used to reinforce the content that is introduced in that episode.


And it is fun.  The songs will stick in your head, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing when it comes to learning a language.

Members of the TOS Review Crew received a two-month subscription to the online version of Speekee.

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Special thanks to First Mate Debra from Footprints in the Butter for writing this post.

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  1. I tried it – got a 403 forbidden error on the video, tries a couple more times, then the whole website crashed (500 error). Perhaps your review caused an overload of their servers?


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