Great Commission Language Reviews

This article is in collaboration with Great Commission Language. Members of the TOS Crew have been broadening their foreign language skills using programs for French and Spanish published by Great Commission Language. Great Commission Languages (GCL) officially released their first product in December 2004. GCL is owned and operated by Marie Filion Sherwood and Peter … Read more

Memoria Press

This article is in collaboration with Memoria Press. This year, the crew had the opportunity to review products from Memoria Press.   Founded in 1993 by Cheryl Lowe, this family owned and operated business is a favorite go to source for Classical Christian Homeschoolers.  They offer a wide range of easy to use affordable programs for … Read more

Visual Latin

This article is in collaboration with Visual Latin and Compass Classroom, Teaching Latin can be a daunting task for any homeschooling parent! The Visual Latin series takes that teaching burden from the parents’ shoulders with it’s self-paced DVD/video download series and entertaining instructor. The program combines the Natural and Traditional methods of learning a foreign … Read more

Greek N Stuff

This article is in collaboration with Greek ‘N’ Stuff. Greek ‘N’ Stuff P.O. Box 882 Moline, IL 61266-0882 1-309-796-2707 Offering Latin and Greek Curriculum And Bible Studies Did you ever want your kids to learn Classical Latin? Koiné–or “common”–Greek? A Bible Study where the Bible is the only key needed? If so, then Greek … Read more

Classical Academic Press Reviews

This article is in collaboration with Classical Academic Press. When someone mentions the Classical Christian Education movement in homeschooling, what first springs to your mind? Often the sheer mention of classical education brings images of one room schoolhouses in which children chant and recite seemingly endless math and grammar facts, plus Latin conjugations and declensions. … Read more

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