Bower Books

This article is in collaboration with Bower Books. Husband and Wife team, Gary and Jan Bower produce lovely illustrations and poetic words for their books. The Person I Marry is a hardcover 32-page book for all ages. Young people are reminded just what type of person one should marry – one with a beautiful inside. … Read more

Northstar Games – Say Anything

This article is in collaboration with North Star Games. North Star Games has family and party games that help bring everyone together! Their game, Say Anything Family Edition, invites you to think about how you and your family would answer various questions. You have the chance to be witty, cunning or serious as you play with your family … Read more

Always Ice Cream

This article is in collaboration with Always Icecream. Always Icecream Geared to girls ages 7-12 Some of the TOS Crew recently received a free membership to the Always Icecream website to use and review. Always Icecream is a play and learn website geared to girls between the ages of 7 and 12. A great … Read more

Scruble Cube

This article is in collaboration with Scruble Cube. We naturally look for something familiar in the new. Scruble Cube is no exception. A blogger for Forbes calls it “Scrabble With A Twist“. My first impression was a Rubik’s Cube with letters. Upon closer inspection, our family has discovered that Scruble Cube has multiple uses for … Read more

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