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This article is in collaboration with Zane Education.

Recently, several of our Crew members were given Full Access to Zane Education, with *The Missing Piece.

Zane Education has “the largest, and most comprehensive fully subtitled online educational video library” compiled to accommodate the requirements of the K-12 curriculum, and aligned to National and State Standards. There are over 1,500 videos, covering nearly 400 topics, provided with lesson plans, interactive quizzes, and more!

Subjects include:






Library Skills




Religious Studies

Science and

Social Studies

Research proves that *The Missing Piece – using subtitles and closed captioning on video – can dramatically improve children’s reading and literacy skills.


Once subscribed, you’ll start by selecting a subject and then a specific topic to study. You control the video, with the on-screen cursor for play or pause.

You can download, and even print, a Lesson Plan Guide for each video. Zane also provides a vast Video Word Glossary, and interactive study tools: an Encyclopedia, a Dictionary, and a Thesaurus.

After watching the videos; reading along with the videos, defining key words and phrases, a quiz can be taken to judge the level of understanding and retention of the lesson. Quizzes are marked and correct answers supplied by Zane, when needed, so that even in testing the learning process continues.

You can contact Zane Education, by email when you follow the link on their website, or call ~ 1.650.488-8204,

Also, watch for their latest developments and new products – read their News Blog and follow Zane Education on facebook.


Zane Education addresses the need for different learning styles, and you may find that it is the Visual Learning Solution for your child’s needs, whether gifted or specialized.

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A big thank you to Penny @ Knee Deep In Grace for writing this introductory article.

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