Toydle Reviews

This article is in collaboraton with Toydle. Robert Brownfield: father, and kid-at-heart, created Toydle when one of his children’s toys broke shortly after it was purchased. Rob decided then and there that he could build quality toys to withstand the rigors of childhood play, and soon, the Toydle Fort became reality. With a few wooden … Read more

Artistic Pursuits Reviews

This article is in collaboration with Artistic Pursuits. Crew members chosen for this review received their choice of Artistic Pursuits’ products, selected from the following: Preschool K-3 Book One K-3 Book Two K-3 Book Three 4-6 grade, Book One 4-6 grade, Book Two Jr. High Book One Jr. High Book Two Sr. High Book One … Read more

College Prep Genius Review

This article is in collaboration with College Prep Genius. College Prep Genius gives the solution to finding scholarships and paying for college through an exclusive program designed to increase standardized test scores. Some members of the Crew received the SAT Prep Course for review, while others got a four-book set of the newly released Vocabcafe … Read more

Bower Books

This article is in collaboration with Bower Books. Husband and Wife team, Gary and Jan Bower produce lovely illustrations and poetic words for their books. The Person I Marry is a hardcover 32-page book for all ages. Young people are reminded just what type of person one should marry – one with a beautiful inside. … Read more

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