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The TOS Crew received an item for review just in time for winter family gatherings (From Thanksgiving to New Years Day and beyond!), the latest addition to North Star Games offerings, Wits & Wagers Family. PhotobucketWits and Wagers Family is a trivia game that can be played by 3-5 individuals, or groups.¬† If you have younger children, playing on teams is a great way to go (the manufacture recommends Wits & Wagers Family for ages 10+). One of the reasons why this can work is the fact that you don’t have to KNOW the answer in order to gain points, you just have to be a good guesser!!!

In the picture of the game you can see:

  • The score-card(With all the circles)
  • The cards with the questions(Blue, with two white areas)
  • The individual player mini white-boards(Colored cards in the forefront)

Missing from the photo are the included dry erase markers and “Meeples” game pieces. Each trivia question can be answered by a number, but don’t let that scare you~ even the most “number-phobic” among us should have a grand time playing this game! Wits & Wagers Family retails for $19.99, and can be found at Target, Amazon, and your local toy and game retailers. Check out the Mr. Linky Tools below for links to Crew Member reviews~ I heard there was a lot of fun to be had!


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Special thanks to First Mate Lis from Acorns ~ Or Homeschooling Nuggets of Gold for writing this post.

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