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The Homeschool Crew recently took a journey to the world of Tiny Planets – an engaging online community for children ages 4 to 12 featuring the adorable characters Bing and Bong. Crew members set up Cadet accounts for their children, meeting Bing and Bong along the way and allowing them access to the Tiny Planets universe. There is so much to do on Tiny Planets that it would take a long time to explore everything! These are the six places your child can explore in the Tiny Planets universe:

My Tiny Planets is the online community portion of the universe. When your child is logged in with their cadet account they have the opportunity to adopt a planet, care for it, solve missions with Bing and Bong, play mini-games, fly in a spaceship, and explore the universe. As they learn to care for their planet, kids will see it thrive and also have the opportunity to earn special badges along the way. Since it’s an interactive environment there is a chat feature but it’s not a free-form chat box. There are emoticons and speech bubbles with fun phrases, allowing players to communicate in a safe, controlled environment.

Another place kids can explore is Tiny Planets TV – where your children can watch episodes of Tiny Planets, a series that was co-created with the Sesame Workshop. The television show has aired around the world and has even been endorsed by Montessori Centre International.

Parents will find Tiny Planets Learning and the Tiny Planets blog especially helpful. You can find many lesson plan ideas, activities, and science experiments. They have some  great printable worksheets for children who are learning their alphabet. It’s a neat way to expand on the things children are learning about on Tiny Planets!

Younger children will enjoy exploring Tiny Planets Books. They can read interactive books featuring Bing and Bong and meet many new characters along the way.  It’s a great way for parents to read to younger children or, for children who are learning to read, a fun way to work on reading skills!

The Tiny Planets universe is very big but we’re still not done! Next, you’ll find Tiny Planets Fun – a great place for kids who like to do puzzles, color, play games, or read comics. You’ll find lots of great activities to download and print for even more fun.

One last place to explore is Tiny Planets Labs – the place where kids can test out new games and activities. This is the place where future content for the Tiny Planets universe is created.

While some content is free there are more features available for a fee in the Tiny Planets universe. Parents can easily control this portion of the website by purchasing KEYS and then putting those KEYS into each child’s account. Then children are free to spend their KEYS on the things they enjoy the most.

Tiny Planets is also an advertisement free website, making it safe for young children to browse independently since no unexpected content can be clicked on.

This website has so many things to offer that it would be difficult to explore everything! They’ve even won two BAFTA awards (British Academy of Film and Television Arts) for Interactive Best Entertainment Website and Best Children’s Interactive.

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Special thanks to First Mate Tonia from The Sunny Patch for writing this post.

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