Blog Cruise – Kids Answer Week!

This week, it’s the TOS Crew kids turn to answer some questions about homeschooling!   Please click through the links to read how TOS Crewmates children answer this week’s question. I encourage you to visit their blogs and kindly leave a comment or two!  I’m sure those kids would love to hear what you think!  We hope you enjoy this week’s Cruise!

April @ Heartfelt Homeschooling shares Eleven and Homeschooled.

Kellyann @ Walking Home writes Want to Know What My Girls Think?

Christine @ Our Homeschool Reviews shares Kids Week.

Debra @ Footprints in the Butter is Hearing from the Kids in her post.

Lori @ Loving Learning at Home discusses In my Children’s Opinion.

Katrina @ Mama Manuscripts discusses What My Kids Think of This Whole Homeschooling Thing.

Susan @ Homeschooling Hearts & Minds answers Why We Homeschool the Kiddos Have Their Say.

Rodna @ Training Children Up for Christ says It would be too tiring to go to school…and the other reasons my kids think we homeschool.

Be sure to stop back next week when TOS Crew Members share information about homeschooling in their home states, including laws, requirements, and how they handle them.

This article was written and compiled by Jodi who blogs at The Homeschool Desk.

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