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This article is in collaboration with ALEKS Math.

This is the third year that members of the TOS Crew have had the opportunity to review ALEKS a web-based math program.

Of course, you’ll want to check out the new Crew members’ reviews this year, as the company has been upgrading and adding to the program over the years.

ALEKS uses artificial intelligence to tailor its courses to the individual student. This has all sorts of benefits, but the biggest one is this: – Each student moves through the program at just the right pace for that student.

Material is practiced and mastered, with periodic review to keep skills fresh. Problems are presented in a way that develops understanding of the underlying concepts Explanations are immediately available, stepping through the problem before giving the student a similar problem to work through. The student receives immediate feedback after each problem. Another plus is that the student gets to choose what order to work on topics, with a clear idea of progress being made. Periodic assessments keep track of topics learned, and when the student is ready to move to the next level, ALEKS notifies the parent or teacher.

ALEKS provides web-based tools as needed, such as a mouse-controlled protractor, compass, ruler and on-screen pencil. A calculator is available as appropriate, for example, when stepping through complicated problems.

Bright students avoid boredom and the make-work of plowing through material already mastered, and progressing through math levels as quickly as their understanding allows. With struggling students, ALEKS works through topics with infinite patience (unlike this homeschool mom), repeating problems, simplifying terms, offering explanations and immediate feedback.

ALEKS offers math courses for students in grades 3-12, as well as higher education (college algebra, business math, accounting, statistics, chemistry, and more). Math facts drills (QuickTables) are included with the elementary-level courses.

See what this year’s Crew has to say:

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Special thanks to First Mate Jean from Home Sweet Home(school) for writing this introductory article.

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