Blog Cruise — Why Homeschool?

Why do you homeschool?

I love asking this question to homeschool moms. For some reason, I just find it an interesting and enlightening conversation to have.

Ask a hundred homeschool moms why they homeschool and you’ll get 100 different answers. From academic excellence to special learning needs, differing worldviews to more time as a family, there are a whole host of reasons families choose to homeschool. And sometimes those reasons change from year to year.

Come along this week, as members of the Crew share with you why they choose to homeschool. You’re guaranteed to read some insightful articles in this week’s Blog Cruise.



Diane K. @ Cabin in the WoodsWhy Homeschool? Why Not?

“We started homeschooling for a very personal reason, our daughter suffers from anxiety.”


Jan B. @ Encouraging Moms Who HomeschoolSo Why Do You Homeschool Anyway?

“My answer to this question varies, often with my mood. “


Karyn T. @ Teach Beside MeWhy I Chose Homeschooling

“I never planned on homeschooling, in fact I thought homeschoolers were weird!  I know lots of my friends and family probably still feel that way . . . ”


Alyson B. @ Family Style SchoolWhy Homeschool?

“I am a strong believer that homeschooling is not for everyone.  It is definitely right for us! ”


Amy B. @ Bow of BronzeWhy We Homeschool

“My husband and I decided that training our children is so important we would give it top priority.”


Michele P. @ Family, Faith, and FridaysYou Do What?

“. . . I cannot recall one single time that I have ever asked someone why they send their child to school.  Not once. But I do have reasons and so today I am setting the record straight.”


Kym T. @ Homeschool Coffee BreakWhy Homeschool? Why Not?

“Homeschoolers are often asked why we’ve chosen this method of education.  I often think the question should be reversed – why aren’t more families homeschooling?”


Brandy B. @ Kingdom AcademyOur Reasons Why

“his is always an appropriate topic, because I seem to get asked the question “Why woud you want to homeschool your kids??” at least once a week!! (The question is usually accompanied by suspicious looks, and some eye-rolling).”


Sara P. @ Embracing DestinyOur Homeschool Credo: 10 Reasons Why We Home Educate Our Children

“Learning is our lifestyle, not confined by the four walls of a brick and mortar school.  For us, homeschooling is the right choice and this is why . . . “


Samantha @ Sam’s NogginWhy We Homeschool

“The longer I went along, and the closer to the Lord I became, the more I couldn’t shake the feeling that I needed to homeschool.”


Marcy @ Ben and MeTen {Biblical} Reasons to Homeschool

“God makes it clear in His Word that it is our job as parents to teach and train our children, according to his commandments. This isn’t just about homeschooling — it’s not even about homeschooling — it’s about life.”


Thank you for joining us for this week’s Blog Cruise. Join us next week when we’ll be sharing about Large Family Homeschooling. 

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