Blog Cruise: A Day in the Life

Welcome to this week’s Blog Cruise! If you’re anything like me, you love taking a peak into the days of other homeschoolers. There are as many ways to homeschool as there are homeschool families and I find it fascinating to discover all the amazing differences.

So, for this Cruise, members of the TOS Crew will tackle the question:

What does a day in the life of your homeschool look like?

Samantha, from Sam’s Noggin, shares “A Day in Our Homeschool” . . . in pictures!

Jennifer, from A Glimpse of Our Day, shows us “a glimpse into one day“, where life is extremely “hands-on”.

Michelle from Blessed Quiver gives us a great look at “What’s a Day Like at My House?”, where a popular home management system helps keep her on track.

Blossom from North Laurel Home and School talks about “How a Good Day Goes Here” where things are not very predictable.

Marie describes “A Dose of Our Daily Life”  , homeschooling 4 young beauties, at Our Best Daze.

Carissa, from My Life on a Taffy Pull, keeps in real as she shares “A Day in My Life”.

Jane, a working mom, homeschooling her 4-year-old and documenting it at Mozi Esmé, gives us an idea of just how busy life can be in “Too Much? Too Little? Just Right!

Christa, at Fairfield Corner Academy, poses the questions, “What’s Normal? Is There Such?”

Jennifer shares about “School Days in the Land of Ice and Snow” on her blog, Our Peculiar Lives. It’s really cold where she lives!

Renita, at Krazy Kuehner Days, is challenged by late nights, early mornings and ADD as she talks about “A Day in Our Lives“.

Michelle, from Homeschooling My Miracles, uses her refrigerator in a very creative way in “A Glimpse Into Our Day”.

Amy is One Blessed Mamma and her delightful sense of humor is evident as she juggles it all in “Welcome to Our Four Ring Circus“.

Kym, at Homeschool Coffee Break, answers the question, “What are we going to do today?” with an answer of eternal consequence.

Wendy takes on “A Day in Our Lives at Rossmont”, where the mornings begin in the “barnyard” at Life at Rossmont.

“Ordinary Days are a Real Blessing”, says Heather at The Blessings Pour Out, where most days fall somewhere in between the “ideal” and the “tough”.

Celee, from Miscellaneous Musings of a 6x Mom, says, “Welcome to a day in the life of our homeschool”, where a solid schedule is a must.

Finally, I share “5 Things You’re Sure to Find in Our Homeschool“, with our delight-directed, just a breath away from unschooling, approach, at Ben and Me.

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