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Favorite Educational Apps

Welcome to this week’s Blog Cruise! With the explosion of all things “app” related including the iPod Touch, iPad, Kindle Fire and a host of Android tablets, homeschooling, and education in general, is reaching new heights of technology every day. Homeschoolers have been quick to jump on the iEducation bandwagon from the very beginning.  This week, the TOS Homeschool Crew shares how “apps” are used in their homeschools as they answer the question:

What are your favorite educational apps?

Looking for apps for your preschooler?  Jane, from Mozi Esmé, tells all about “iPhone Apps at Our House“, with her 4-year-old student.

Christine, at Our Homeschool Reviews, talks about her “Favorite Educational Apps“, where her daughter rules the iPad!

Christa, at Fairfield Corner Academy, adds a little Nook love to our collection with “iPhones and Nooks”.

Becky has a technology-loving family. Read more about “Our iPad Addiction . . . and our most loved apps” at Cobwebs and Kisses.

Lastly, I share apps for both the iPod Touch and Kindle Fire as we explore “ iEducation for the Homeschooler” at Ben and Me.

3 thoughts on “Blog Cruise: Favorite Apps”

  1. One app I don’t see mentioned is PDF Expert for iPad. I have so many ebooks and pdf files I want to read for encouragement, instruction, etc. I used to print them all out, but now I can read them in PDF Expert. I still get to underline, highlight and make notes to my heart’s content right in the app! I have more room on my bookshelf, and I’m not chained to the computer desk. This is more for me than the kids, and I wish it was less than $9.99, but I can’t imagine my life without it!


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