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Teaching high schoolers? Struggling with math? This month, David Chandler joins SchoolhouseTeachers.com to help you transform a frustrating learning experience into a joyful one! This physics, math, astronomy, and computer programming instructor presents three teaching videos about the confusing, perplexing, mysterious mathematic digit know as pi. Your students will see pi in a whole new light as they use pi to find the circumference of the earth around the equator, use pi in problems that involve the distance from the earh to the sun and how fast the earth travels, and even . . . pi poetry.

SchoolhouseTeachers.com - Economics with Mike SimsAlso in May, Mike Sims comes on board as the economics teacher and welcomes students to a field of study that ranges from armed robbery to zoo management and from Anchorage to Zanzibar.

Mike takes what can be a dry, dusty subject and turns it into a fun, real-life study by viewing economics through the lens of some pretty needy people: people who consume chocolate. Your students will enjoy fun activities that include creating a Personal Household Chocolate Inventory, a Chocolate Retailer questionnaire, and a Chocolates self-test—all while learning the basics of resources, supply and demand, manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers, and much more that makes up the world of economics.

Homeschool dad, economics professor, and assistant city manager for the city of Terrell, Texas, Sims is well qualified to present lessons on real-world economics.

SchoolhouseTeachers.com Additional New Features and Teachers

Also in the sciences, Andy Harris is back in May with computers and technology. His first lessons have dealt with Google Earth and programming with a tool called Hackety Hack, and Harris has upcoming lessons on building your own computer games.

We’ve got plenty in the arts as well. Kim Kautzer of Writeshop, Inc. is one of the country’s most renowned writing instructors. Brave soul that Kim is, she tackles one of the more formidable teaching assignments for either younger or older students: how to write the well thought-out, well developed, and even exciting book report. Kim has marvelous tools for students in this area.

Our music-voice teacher, Joy Sikorski,  continues to offer instruction using the Whole Family as the Student (WFS) model. Joy shares lessons and tips for voice lessons and music training. In May, celebrate the birthdays—and unique styles—of some of the most famous singers and songwriters of the last two centuries.

Science, Language Arts, and Music also on SchoolhouseTeachers.com

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