Using Workboxes in Your Homeschool


What are Workboxes?

I have had this questions many times, so let’s start here.  Workboxes are an organization system for homeschooling.  Pretty simply you put one assignment in each box and your child now has a visual outline of what is to be accomplished that day.

What Benefit Does Using Workboxes Have?

For us Workboxes were a great visual indicator.  When my son was younger, I heard a lot of “are we done yet?”, “how much more do we have to do?”  Workboxes changes all of that!  He now saw he had x number of boxes to do, and could have a visual check off with each one completed.  School was so much smoother.  It still works in that regard for him now…though he is older and it has also lead to his independence in schooling.  He knows what he has to do, and doesn’t need me there each second to tell him.  For my younger kids, they serve more as a choice pool.  They are to choose x number of boxes to do each day.  I set their boxes up weekly instead of nightly.  The best benefit of workboxes is that they are adaptable.  Make them work for you!  We don’t use workboxes exactly the same as we did when we first started using them.  We have adapted them to our needs as the years have gone by.  You can do the same!  Make them work for your needs, your space, your child!
Here is my first ever blog post about workboxes.  It shows you more of how we got started, why we got started, etc.  In fact, I’ll be tweaking them again for next year for my going to be 1st grader, just haven’t decided how I want to work it yet.

What Do You Put in Your Workboxes?

As mentioned we put one assignment in each box.  Sometimes that is nothing more than a normal old workbox page.  Sometimes I put a variety of books in a box, they can choose which to read that day.  For younger kids I put more Montessori based activities.  It really varies from kid to kid and from day to day.  But each week I post WORKBOX WEDNESDAY on my blog.  This is where I give you snippets of the fun stuff in our boxes, and along with my co-hosts and those that link up, you have lots of ideas for a wide range of ages!  There is also a

that lists lots of blogs that use workboxes!  There is also a Facebook Group – Homeschooling with Workboxes.
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What Can You Use for Workboxes?

Really anything!  One of my co-hosts uses cereal boxes!  Here is a post from my blog that shows a wide variety of workboxes.  Here is another post that links to several FREE workbox tags.

What Does A Day With Workboxes Look Like for You?

After the kids go to bed, setting up the next day is one of the many tasks I do before I retire to bed myself.  I have a simple planner/outline of what we are covering each week.  I first check my oldest son’s boxes (his are updated daily).  I pull out the work he completed that day and file it for this portfolio.  Then I put new work in.  I have a file box system where I keep track of what is coming up next, but a lot of times it’s simply turning to the next page in the text (depending on the subject).    Then, I check my smaller boy’s boxes.  I see how much is still left, and add some if needed.
The next morning, I go about my morning…and at 9 o’clock I send my oldest down to start his boxes.  I join him shortly after that.  This gives me some time to clean up, get kids dressed, etc.  The boxes allow him to get started without me.  He works at his boxes all morning, and I call the younger 2 in between 10-11am to start on their boxes.  For my oldest if a box requires my assistance, I have it marked with a “Do with Mom” button.
It’s really that simple.  During the week it takes me about 15mins to set up for the next day, a bit longer to set up for the new week.

They really have been an amazing blessing to our homeschool, I am pretty sure they can be for yours too!

Jen is a homeschooling mom to 4 kiddos (3 boys and a girl).  She has a Master’s Degree in Early Childhood Education.   She started blogging as a way to be accountable; it’s turned into so much more. She loves being able to share ideas and reviews (and sometimes giveaways) with all of you! You can find her at Chestnut Grove Academy.  She is also a member of The Homeschool Review Crew.

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