Project Passport Egypt, Middle Ages, Renaissance and Reformation Review


If you visit the About Us page of the Home School in the Woods website, you’ll find a reproduced image of founder Amy Pak’s fourth grade report card.  Her social studies teacher noted that  “Amy understands the personal side of historical figures, but has difficulty in connecting these men to the events of the time.”  Perhaps that’s why she relied on timelines when teaching history to her own children.  With her background in graphic design and illustrating, Pak soon found a market for her timeline figures.  As time passed, the product line expanded to include historical unit studies~~in addition to timelines, students read lesson texts, make craft projects, prepare historical dishes, and assemble lap books and notebooks summarizing the material learned.

For this review, the Crew members received downloadable versions of three titles in the newest line of world history studies—Project Passport (the series will eventually be expanded to include studies of Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome).  Following a traveling theme, the teacher’s guide is referred to as an itinerary while students collect postcards, a dining guide, make souvenirs (craft projects) and snapshot moments of history (the timeline component that started it all).

ProjectPassport-AncientEgyptProject Passport World History Study: Ancient Egypt (3100 BC to 30 BC)

Highlights include:

  • Every Day Life
  • The Great Builders
  • The First Dynasties
  • Old, Middle and New Kingdoms
  • Tutankhamen and the discovery of his tomb
  • Ancient Egypt and the Bible

ProjectPassport-TheMiddleAgesProject Passport World History Study: The Middle Ages (400 AD to 1500 AD)

Highlights include:

  • Fall of the Roman Empire
  • Every Day Life
  • Medicine, Disease & The Black Death
  • The Church and The Crusades
  • Vikings

ProjectPassport-RenaissanceandReformationProject Passport World History Study: Renaissance and Reformation (1100 AD to 1660 AD)

Highlights include:

  • Every Day Life
  • Art and Music
  • Inventions
  • Exploration
  • Martin Luther
  • The Counter Reformation

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Home School in the Woods Project Passport ReviewA big thank you to Beth B of Ozark Ramblings for writing this introductory post.

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