Homeschooling Extras: How do the extras help you meet your goals?

Homeschooling XtrasWhat makes up the education of our children?

Math, language arts, history, geography and science isn’t it?

Well the fact that we homeschool our children means we can do things different doesn’t it?   Do we have to just do math and science and language arts???   Of course not.   We can mix things up a bit with our students and that’s a very good thing.

So just what are the extras?

Poetry, horsemanship, archery, art, physical education, archaeology, field trips, political science and so much more.

There are so many things we can add to our children’s education.   Things that some might say are simply extras, but I think are a vital part of educating our children.

Perhaps you might want to engage in some engineering games?

Being surprised at how a task can be done so differently by two people.  It’s amazing.

or engage in an archery lesson or two?

And suddenly develop a father son bonding time that you didn’t expect.

Or even teach the value of community service?

Doing regular service with an agency in need of help builds community bonding and teaches

children so much about others.  Seeing others through their eyes is helpful as well.

You can make the Middle Ages come alive.

And listen to your child tell you how things would really be back in the day.

What we do when we educate our children matters.  What subjects we teach are just there as a vehicle to teach our children the love of learning.  It’s good to have order and a goal in mind, but our children can teach themselves once they learn how to do so.  🙂    Make it fun, work through the drudgery, and engage your children in their learning and they will be hooked on learning for life.
Is that not our goal?

annetteI am Annette @ A Net in Time.

I am a child of God, much loved by my pastor hubby, and caring for a delightful boy.   We follow a mixed up style of homeschooling, on a casual year round basis.   We learn, we love, we enjoy life.   We serve God as best we can while we raise our bunny rabbits.  🙂

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