Shape Whiz and Expanders Review

This article is in collaboration with SimplyFun.


SimplyFun is committed to providing fun, educational learning products.  Their products have received multiple awards.  They have games for all ages, including games geared for special needs learning.

For this review The Schoolhouse Review Crew was able to try out two of SimplyFun’s quality products: Shape Whiz and Expanders.

Shape Whiz is a geometry based game recommended for ages 10+. Concepts used in this game include 2D geometry and shape measurements. Clues are given and you are to try and find the shape described faster than your opponents. 2-5 players can play this game.


Expanders is a numerical based game recommended for age 8+. Concepts used in this game include reverse addition, spatial reasoning and critical thinking. The goal of this game is to cover the most territory on the game board by expanding your number using reverse addition. One-4 players can play this game.

SimplyFun carries many fun, educational products for kids of all ages and learning needs! It is a great way to teach and practice concepts, engage less interested children, build on learning and have a great time with friends and family!

SimplyFun also has a homeschool discount program!  They also have questionnaires to help you decide which products will best suit your educational goals/needs!

You can find SimplyFun on:

Simply Fun Review

A big thank you to Jennifer Altman of Chestnut Grove Academy for writing this introductory post.

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